Gimme Carbs!


Sunday, 30 June 2013

This will be my first year attempting to grow potatoes!  My problem in previous years has been finding a company to supply the seed potatoes as early as we need them here.  Finally I found potato garden...

And after a visit to the University of Florida’s page at and few other sites, I ordered

All Blue, La Ratte Fingerling and LaRouge.

I read about building a potato box in the book Vertical Vegetables and Fruit by Rhonda Massingham Hart.

I’m not totally sure I’m going about it the right way, but we have/had a pile of wood at the back of the shed that needs clearing out, so I figure, lets have a go!!!

So I guess this is step one...  Not pretty, but hope they will hold for the few months I need them to!  I still have one more box to make, but I’ve run out of wood, so I’m probably going to raid some of the green wood in the forest behind the house.  We need to clear it back anyhow, so I can hopefully put some of that resource to use!

So for now, thats the end of part one!

They arrived!!!! YAY!

One box full of earthy goodness!  Better get cracking on with the other potato box!!!

Found an old ply wood board - I either throw it out or just see how long it can hold up in the garden.  Found some old 2x4 off cuts, used them as uprights and then with my trusty circular saw sliced the ply wood into strips.  Few nails and ‘voila’!



All the potatoes have emerged....

Fingerlings were first.

La Rouge were 2nd and All Blue took the longest.

The Fingerling plants were looking extremely healthy and had grown enough for me to add 2 more layers of soil and mulch mix.

May 7th 2013 - Update

The potatoes have been dying back for the last 2 months.  I’d grown totally disheartened and thought I’d lost the whole lot until I dug them up.  I found potatoes!  Not as many as I had imagined, but potatoes none the less.

All Blue


La Rouge