I make this recipe in our kitchen aid mixer, but will work in a bread maker or by hand.  This is a no frills method and I don’t leave the yeast to bloom.

Add the water to your bowl, then add all the spices, salt, onions and milk. 

Then add the olive oil and honey - if you do the oil first you can use the same spoon for the honey! 

Then add the flour and yeast.

Mix with the dough hook for 8-10mins or until everything is incorporated and the

dough forms a ball.  It should be tacky, but not sticky.

Place your ball of dough in an oiled bowl and cover with a clean tea towel.  Allow to rise for an hour.  Your dough should double in size.  Once this happens, punch it down.  Then cover it again and leave for half hour.

It is now ready to form the bread you want.  I have two favourites with this bread. The focaccia loaf in which I pierce the top with slivers of garlic and rosemary (images below) and then brush with milk.

My other favourite, is using it as a pizza base.  It can hold up to a variety of toppings and is brilliant to get rid of the veg that needs using.  Having said that, we have made dinner rolls, garlic bagettes, square loaves, mini pizzas and flat breads.  It really is a versatile bread!